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Series » S » Survivor » Season 9 » Episode 13

Survivor Season 9 Episode 13 - Eruptions of a Volcanic Magnitude!

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After a grueling tribal council Eliza was still eyeing Twila. But it would have to wait when reward came. It turned out to be a tournament type challenge. Scout was eliminated first, Eliza second and Chris third. In a match between Julie and Twila, Julie slipped past an easy win. She was able to select somebody and chose Chris. They enjoyed hotdogs, wine, and beer, along with a beautiful view of the Mount Yasur eruption. Julie also got her chance to talk to Chris about voting out Twila and taking her and Eliza to the final 3, Chris never said no. Meanwhile, Scout and Twila had an awesome time tourturing Eliza, making Eliza say how much she wanted Twila gone. Chris and Julie returned and informed Eliza of their plan. She was pleased with it and agreed to write Twila's name. Immunity came and Jeff told them a story, he said that the survivors would run to a hut, unscramble a puzzle, answer a question, grab a trunk-like object. If it was white, they could hang it on a hook with their name on it, if it was black, it meant they were wrong and had to run back to their name, burn it and start again. It was mainly a close race between Eliza, Julie, and Chris. It then turned out to be a race to the end with Eliza and Julie. Eliza got her 5th trunk on the pole and won immunity. As happy as she was, back at camp, Twila caught her and Chris planning strategy. Chris told Eliza he would vote Julie out and told Julie he would vote out Twila. But when it came to immunity, Chris said it was very hard and he didnt want to vote. It became down to a tie between Twila and Julie. The last vote was read and it was Julie. Eliza had a shocked look on her face as Julie had her torched burned out. Chris bowed his head down as Eliza looked out at him.... [ ]more