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Series » S » Survivor » Season 8 » Episode 17

Survivor Season 8 Episode 17 - Survivor: All-Stars - The Reunion

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, Jeff Probst reunites the 18 All-Stars and prepares them for the final tally of the votes, which is delayed when Boston Rob shocks everyone by proposing to Amber live on National Television! Amber accepts, which leads to cheering from the audience. When Probst counts the votes, Amber gets just one vote more than her new fiance. However, the tension really begins with the interviews. Lex accuses Boston Rob of hurting him deeply (again), while Richard tells him to grow up, and that it's "just a game." Susan reveals her new look following an Extreme Makeover, Ethan and Jenna M. are revealed as another All-Stars couple, and Jerri points out that the show is about hurting people's feelings for entertainment. The real excitement begins at the end of the night when Probst reveals a new twist to the viewers -- a second $1,000,000 prize that will go to one of the All-Stars in yet another "Survivor" special, "Survivor: America's Tribal Council." Viewers get to go on-line and vote for their favorite All-Star. Whoever has the most votes wins the second $1,000,000 prize. Who will it be?! [ ]more