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Series » S » Survivor » Season 6 » Episode 8

Survivor Season 6 Episode 8 - Sleeping With the Enemy

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After being surprised by Roger being voted out, Dave & Butch wake up to make a dock so that the rest of the castaway's won't get wet. Rob becomes jealous when he sees Dave climbing a tree. At the reward challenge, the nine are split into three teams of three. In the first round; Dave, Alex, and Deena win. In the final round Dave wins and brings Deena with him for ice cream and a bath. Jenna & Heidi complain about Dave getting to eat for the 3rd Time, and bathing for the 2nd time. Dave & Deena enjoy their ice cream and Dave asks Deena if he's next. Deena admits to Dave that it's between him and Matthew. Dave & Deena return to camp where they want supper. Jenna becomes pissed and calls Deena a fat cow. Rob becomes jealous when Heidi spoons with Dave and fears Heidi may double cross him. The survivors receive a mask for everyone and they dress it up like themselves. At Immunity, they learn that each survivor has 3 ropes holding the wood and after the 3rd chop to their mask the wood will break their mask. Matt is eliminated first followed by Dave, Alex, Rob, Butch, Deena, Christy & Heidi, as Jenna wins Immunity. Jenna & Deena promise Rob that Dave is going but Rob fears that Heidi won't vote for Dave. At Tribal Council, Matt receives a vote, but Dave is voted out with eight votes and becomes the 1st Jury Member. [ ]more