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Series » S » Survivor » Season 23 » Episode 5

Survivor Season 23 Episode 5 - Taste the Victory

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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Stacey arrives on Redemption Island and tells Christine that "Coach" is in charge of the tribe. At the duel, the two competitors spill the beans to the spectators about Benjamin's control at Upolu, refusing to call him "Coach". Albert and Mikayla return to the tribe and tell everyone about theduel and what Stacey said which angers "Coach". Albert also feels worried after Stacey's comments, so he goes on a search for the idol after finding a clue. Albert reveals the clue to "Coach" and Sophie and after another search,"Coach" eventually finds the idol. On Savaii, Elyse feels strong about the alliance she is in, but when Ozzy finds out that "Coach"is in charge at Upolu, he lets it slip that "Coach" should vote out a strong player next. Jim picks up on it and plans to warn Keith. Later, after a fishing trip, Ozzy is proud to be the provider of fish for the tribe. Upolu arrive back at their beach after winning the Immunity/Reward Challenge and enjoy a nice salad and meat from the challenge. Over on Savaii, Ozzy thinks Cochran is the weakest link and should be next. But the secret alliance of Cochran, Dawn and Jim approach Keith to try and vote out Elyse, but Keith doesn't want to lose Ozzy's trust. [ ]more