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Series » S » Survivor » Season 23 » Episode 4

Survivor Season 23 Episode 4 - Survivalism

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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On Savaii, Jim sees that Ozzy and Elyse are spending too much time together and knows that a couple is dangerous. So he approaches Cochran for a plan to get rid of Elyse to which Cochran jumps on board. The next morning on Upolu, Brandon regrets losing his cool in front of his tribe and goes around apologizing to his tribe mates. He also tells Edna that she is not part of the tribe's main five personalliance and could be next. Edna later tries to beef up her social game, but starts annoying all the women on the tribe. Back on Savaii, before Jim leaves to witness the Redemption duel, Ozzy mocks him, telling the others he is thinking too much about strategy. Before the Immunity/Reward Challenge, Jim and Cochran don't think they have the numbers in order to vote out Elyse but find out that Dawn is interested. But their plan will have to wait when they win the Immunity Challenge. Upolu return to their beach after the challenge and Stacey is confident she performed well, but is still on the outside of the five person alliance. [ ]more