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Series » S » Survivor » Season 21 » Episode 5

Survivor Season 21 Episode 5 - Turf Wars

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After Jimmy T. was voted out of Espada, Marty feels he is in complete control of the tribe. Meanwhile, NaOnka on La Flor is confident she is safe with her alliance. But when the tribes meet for the reward challenge, Jeff tells them to drop their buffs for a tribal switch. Jane, Jill, and Marty join La Flor while Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka are the new members of Espada. Jeff also announces that the Medallion of Power is no longer in play. The new tribes compete in the Reward Challenge and Espada win some chickens. Back at the Espada camp, Tyrone explains to the young tribe members how they do things at their campsite and comes off as bossy to Alina and NaOnka. Holly feels she can relate more to the younger members and tries to align with them. Over on La Flor, Marty tells the tribe that he has a hidden immunity idol. The next day on Espada, NaOnka starts to emotionally break down and considers quitting after feeling uncomfortable during a rainfall, but Chase talks her through the storm. After La Flor wins the Immunity Challenge, Espada returns to camp and vote to kill one of the chickens before they go to Tribal Council. Tyrone didn't want to kill the chicken but when it came to eat it, the others believed he took the biggest piece. Before the vote, some considered voting for NaOnka, while others thought Tyrone was being too bossy. [ ]more