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Series » S » Survivor » Season 21 » Episode 3

Survivor Season 21 Episode 3 - Glitter in Their Eyes

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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Over on Espada, Marty feels Jimmy J. is a big threat because all the other tribe mates feel "star struck" by him. Jill suggests that Marty shows the idol to the rest of the tribe and when he does, the others feel much stronger with it, but that doesn't mean Marty feels like sharing it. On La Flor, Jud, Alina and Kelly B. are divided from the rest of the tribe based on the last Tribal Council. At the next challenge, La Flor won immunity and reward without using the Medallion of Power. Kelly B. and NaOnka pick up a basket of fruit that is part of their reward and they both notice a note to the idol inside the basket. Once they reach their camp, the two of them fight over the note, puzzling the other and smashing some of the fruit. Naonka took the note and went off alone but wasn't able to figure it out. She shares the clue with Brenda, but is also unable to solve the clues. Back on Espada, Jimmy T. feels Tyrone did not give him a chance to participate. In deciding the vote, Marty makes his move to take out Jimmy J. [ ]more