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Series » S » Survivor » Season 21 » Episode 14

Survivor Season 21 Episode 14 - This is Going to Hurt

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The tribe gets tree mail that includes a video of a family member for each castaway. Then, "Fabio", Chase and "Sash" agree that if one of them wins the Reward Challenge, they would all go together. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways met their loved ones and after Chase and his mother win the challenge, he chooses "Sash" and Holly to go with him. Back at camp, "Fabio", Dan, and Jane were very upset at Chase's choices, especially "Fabio" who thought Chase would have kept his promise. While, Chase, Holly, and "Sash" are enjoying their reward with their loved ones, they all agree to go to the final three together and vote out "Fabio" next. But after "Fabio" wins the Immunity Challenge, the new three-person alliance of Chase, Holly, and "Sash" must now change their vote. Chase was conflicted between voting for Dan or Jane, while "Fabio", Holly and "Sash" agreed to vote out Jane. Then, while Chase, Holly, and "Sash" are talking, Jane joined them wanting to know if the alliance of four was still strong. The three of them hesitated in their answer until finally admitting that they were indeed thinking about voting for her. After finding out that she had been betrayed by her alliance, Jane let her anger known and dumped a bucket of water on the camp fire. At Tribal Council, Jane let it all out telling Jeff that she was the next to go and that the new three-person alliance will vote out "Fabio" or Dan after she is gone. Jeff suggested that "Fabio", Dan, and Jane should form their own alliance to vote Holly and force a tie. But after the tribe votes, Chase and "Sash" use their immunity idols and Jeff's proposed alliance fails to form. [ ]more