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Series » S » Survivor » Season 21 » Episode 12

Survivor Season 21 Episode 12 - You Started, You're Finishing

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After returning from Tribal Council, "Purple Kelly" feels left out of her alliance since she didn't know the vote was for Brenda. NaOnka, on the other hand, was glad because she felt Brenda "threw her under the bus" at Tribal. The next morning, the heavy rain returns and "Purple Kelly" and NaOnka feel so miserable because of it that they both feel like quitting, so NaOnka gives Chase her hidden immunity idol. After the Reward Challenge, NaOnka and "Purple Kelly" tell Jeff they want to quit, but Jeff wants them to re-think it and tell him their final decision at Tribal Council. Jeff then told the tribe that if one person was willing to give up their reward, he would give them a new tarp and rice. Holly volunteered since NaOnka was not willing to give up the reward even though she wanted to quit. At Tribal Council, Jeff, the tribe and the jury find out whether or not NaOnka and Kelly will really quit, and if not, it's all up to the vote. [ ]more