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Series » S » Survivor » Season 20 » Episode 14

Survivor Season 20 Episode 14 - Anything Could Happen

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The final five (Colby, Jerri, Parvati, Russell and Sandra), return from Tribal Council and Russell confronts Sandra about why she didn't tell him about her hidden immunity idol. Then at the immunity challenge, Colby knows he's next and gives his surrender speech to the tribe. But later he still tries one last chance to save himself. But at the next Tribal Council, the Villains are united in their decision to vote out the final Hero in the game. The next morning, the final four receive tree mail with instructions on their rites of passage ritual. After the final Immunity Challenge, Russell tells Sandra he will take her to the final three because he thinks he'll win, but Parvati disagrees on Russell's decision. But at the final Tribal Council, Russell follows through with his plans. On Day 39, the final three enjoy a breakfast while Sandra burns Russell's hat and the rest of the campsite before going to Tribal Council to face the jury. [ ]more