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Series » S » Survivor » Season 19 » Episode 7

Survivor Season 19 Episode 7 - Houdini Magic

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The men on the Galu tribe know that "Shambo" does not fit in with the girls on tribe and all agree to keep her around until at least the jury. The men decide to have a vote for a new tribe leader and "Shambo" receives all the men's votes. At the Reward Challenge, Galu wins a lunch on a pirate ship and a tarp. "Shambo" decides that Laura will go with the Foa Foa tribe for a visit. Once Foa Foa arrive back at camp, Russell takes Laura aside and tries to get her trust for a secret alliance once the tribes merge. Then, while Liz is preparing the fire she gets angry with Natalie for talking too much with Laura. After Galu wins the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa return to camp and Russell sets his target on Jaison instead of Liz since he gave up during the challenge. But at Tribal Council, Russell's original plan comes into action. [ ]more