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Series » S » Survivor » Season 19 » Episode 13

Survivor Season 19 Episode 13 - Damage Control

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After the vote, "Shambo" returns to camp shocked that she wasn't told that John would be voted for. The next morning, Jaison is talking to Monica and Brett about how to persuade the jury to win the money and lets it slip that Russell doesn't need the money. The tribe then meets Jeff for a challenge, but are surprised to learn that it is for immunity, not a reward. After the challenge, "Shambo" and the other former Foa Foas are confident that Dave is next to go. But Monica tries to convince Russell that "Shambo" should go instead. The next day after Tribal Council, Russell plans his next vote, for Brett. The tribe then meet Jeff for another immunity challenge and after Brett wins immunity, Monica feels the most vulnerable for the vote. Before Tribal Council, Monica tries to put the spotlight on someone else. She angers Russell by telling him she knows the truth about his life outside of the game. Then at Tribal Council that night, the former Foa Foa alliance find out if they are still strong. [ ]more