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Series » S » Survivor » Season 18 » Episode 4

Survivor Season 18 Episode 4 - The Strongest Man Alive

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After returning from Tribal Council, "Coach" is upset that Erinn singled out Brendan as the tribe's leader. The next morning the tribe continues to talk about who should be the leader. On Jalapao, Taj puts her "Exile Island Alliance" plan into action by talking to Stephen and including him in the alliance along with Brendan and Sierra from Timbira. Jalapao wins the Reward Challenge allowing them to raid the other tribe's campsite. Two Jalapao members arrive at Timbira and take one bag of beans and a water canteen. But Sandy thinks they should have grabbed Timbira's second bag of beans instead of a canteen. She then notices that Sydney is using her charm to flirt in order to stay in the game. Timbira wins the Immunity Challenge, sending Jalapao into a frenzy before Tribal Council. Half of the tribe believe Sydney is not pulling her weight at challenges, while the other half think Sandy has gotten too annoying. [ ]more