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Series » S » Survivor » Season 17 » Episode 13

Survivor Season 17 Episode 13 - Say Goodbye to Gabon

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The final five are Susie, Sugar, Kenny, Matty and Bob. Sugar tells Bob she wants to take him and Matty to the final three. Later when Sugar and Kenny check tree mail, she makes Kenny think she'll take him to the final three. When the tribe returns to camp from the immunity challenge, Kenny feels confident he is safe when Matty approaches him about voting Susie out. But before Tribal Council, Sugar is thinking twice about the vote. The next morning, Susie knows she will be the next to go unless she wins immunity. After Matty gets tree mail, the final four embark on their Rites of Passage honoring all their previous tribe mates voted out. After the final Immunity Challenge, everyone returns to camp and Matty and Sugar both agree to vote out Bob. However, Sugar then thinks maybe they should force a tie and let fate decide who should go. The next morning, the final three wake up on their last day in Gabon. They check their Tree Mail, but find a huge breakfast feast instead. After breakfast, Bob, Sugar and Susie set fire to their shelter and watch it burn. Later that night, the final three head to their final Tribal Council and face the jury's comments and questions. [ ]more