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Series » S » Survivor » Season 15 » Episode 5

Survivor Season 15 Episode 5 - Love Is In The Air

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The next morning at Zhan Hu, the tribemates are waking up after a good nights sleep. Sherea notices that her other tribemates tend to leave her out at times which makes her look forward to a change. Meanwhile, Jaime and Erik get to know more about each other while taking a swim which leads to Jaime's revelation about the Immunity Idol. On Fei Long, Denise has shown herself to be pulling her weight and working hard around camp which allows James to gain her trust. Suddenly, both tribes get a message requesting that they pick two tribemates from the opposite tribe to join them. "Frosti" and Sherea are picked to join Fei Long while James and Aaron join Zhan Hu. The next day on Fei Long, Jean-Robert is up early and giving out orders which allows "Frosti" and Sherea to see the tension the other tribemates have with him. On Zhan Hu, Aaron admits to feeling comfortable with the switch. Elsewhere on camp Peih-Gee takes Jaime aside to talk strategy about throwing the next two Immunity Challenges. At the challenge, Fei Long wins. Back at the Zhan Hu camp James is angry at the girl's attempt during the challenge without realizing that it was done on purpose. The girls tell Erik about their plan and at Tribal Council it's down to Aaron or James for the vote. [ ]more