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Series » S » Survivor » Season 15 » Episode 4

Survivor Season 15 Episode 4 - Ride the Workhorse Till the Tail Falls Off

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The Zhan Hu tribe discovers that some of their rice has mold on it which makes it in-edible and causes Dave and Sherea to clash. Meanwhile on Fei Long, tree mail says both tribes are to meet at Tribal Council for a challenge, and the tribe thinks food and a big meal is involved. The Fei Long tribe wins the reward of a fisherman's family helping them with some fishes and spices. While Dave is kidnapped, he gets to know the other tribe better and is excited about learning about the hidden immunity idol and gives the clue to Todd. At Zhan Hu, the tribesmates are happy with the decision that Fei Long kidnapped Dave as there is now less conflict. However, without Dave the tribe is not getting as much work done. On Fei Long, when the fisherman's family arrives, Jean Robert is able to use his knowledge of the Mandarin language to communicate with the family. The Immunity Challenge is won by Fei Long and on Zhan Hu, the tribe is torn between Dave or Sherea as to who should be voted out. [ ]more