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Series » S » Survivor » Season 15 » Episode 13

Survivor Season 15 Episode 13 - Hello, I'm Still a Person!

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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The final five is revealed and upon returning to camp after Tribal Council, Denise wonders if sticking with her original alliance of Courtney, Todd and Amanda was a mistake. The next morning Peih-Gee is the remaining tribe member of Zhan Hu and she feels she is the outsider. At the Reward Challenge, Denise wins a lunch and a night-stay at the Great Wall of China with Courtney and Todd. Denise's choice does not go over well with Peih-Gee, but it allows her and Amanda to converse with each other while the others are away. After returning from the reward Peih-Gee and Amanda cannot believe Todd and Courtney complain about the food they had. With Todd angering Amanda, she thinks about possibly voting him off depending on the results of the Immunity Challenge. After the challenge, Peih-Gee wants Todd out, but Denise would prefer him to stay thinking she has a better chance against him in the finals. At Tribal Council, the alliance of Courtney, Todd, Amanda and Denise hold strong. [ ]more