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Series » S » Survivor » Season 14 » Episode 6

Survivor Season 14 Episode 6 - I've Got Strength Now To Carry the Flag

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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After tribal council, Ravu awakes on Day 16 to a bunch of bugs. Mookie slaps Rocky with his buff to get rid of the bugs. Rocky says he would strangle Mookie with the buff. When the Survivors arrive at a location, they are shocked that it is a tribal switch. Picks are made until one person is left. Lisi is sent to Exile Island. The two new tribes head back to camp. Over at Moto, Earl becomes exicted about the new surroundings. On Exile Island, after reading a clue, Lisi says she hates Exile Island. At the Immunity Challenge, Ravu and Moto were even for most of the challenge. After a series of conjestions in the course, Moto pulled away with an immunity victory. Before Tribal Council, the decision was between Rocky and Anthony. At tribal council, Rocky and Anthony went off at each other. By a 5-1 decision, Anthony Robinson became the first offical man voted out of the game. [ ]more