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Series » S » Survivor » Season 11 » Episode 12

Survivor Season 11 Episode 12 - Price for Immunity

Release year
Adventure, Game-show, Reality-tv
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At the Reward Challenge, the players are given money with which to bid on items at the Survivor auction. The auction begins with luxury foods but midway through, Jeff offers the contestants an advantage at the next immunity challenge, which Danni bids the most on, and wins. At the end of the auction, the players are shown one last item to bid on - their loved ones. Judd pools his money with some of his tribemates, ensuring him time with his wife (and giving him the opportunity to pick two other players and their loved ones to join him) while the other three unpicked players are sent away to the former Yaxha camp with no hugs, kisses, or conversations with their relatives. These three, Danni, Rafe, and Lydia, form a new alliance out of resentment that Judd did not choose them, and at the Immunity Challenge, Danni secures a win by using her "switch positions with any player" advantage. With the Immunity out of the way, Rafe is able to convince Stephenie to vote out Judd with him and the others, and a pissed-off Judd is sent packing. [ ]more